Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Tray- Look for Less!

 Hi beauties!

 Happy Hump Day!

I'm about to blow your mind with what will go down in history as the worlds easiest DIY of all time. I was so in love with this mirrored vanity tray at Anthropologie, but at $148.00...there is NO way that's happenin'!

I knew I could set out to put something similar together at practically no cost at all. I already owned the little knobs, and I picked up a mirror for $5.00 dolla (make you holla!) at Walmart, and we were in business.

I used a small amount of epoxy glue to attach the handles to the sides of the mirror, and it officially became a tray!

I absolutely love how many uses you can get out of this simple project, from a coffee table tray...

To breakfast in bed!

This simple mirrored tray ads a little glitz to any decor!

Be sure to check out the jaw droppin' looks for less over at:

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If you're in need of some more DIY on the cheap, be sure to check out THIS tutorial and THIS one!

See you lovers next time!



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dying your own hair! At home! For eight bucks!

Hey gorgeous friends!

 So ever since I posted my tutorial on how I blow my hair out at home, i've had TONS of requests for a tutorial on dying my hair. Since taking pictures of this might take FOREVER, I figured a quick video tutorial was probably best. :) If it's your kind of thing, make sure you take a minute to look at my YouTube Channel also for more fun beauty stuff ;)

Okay i'll get on with it! Video time!

Love you all always, don't make fun of my awkwardness ;)


Monday, April 7, 2014

Blackforest Poker Night Cupcakes!

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CuberoLuxury

Happy Monday, ya'll! Did you have an awesome weekend? I'm so grateful for this warmer weather! My bones are screaming BRING ON SPRING!

As you may have noticed on Friday, I posted all the fun pictures from our San Diego Wedding Fun weekend. I had an absolute BLAST celebrating my bachelorette party, wedding shower, and just hanging with the girls!

So what did Jake do while I was out having fun? Gambled of course! His actual bachelor party is takin' place in a few weeks, but he and some friends and family went out to the casino for a night full of cigar smokin', poker playin', manly fun.

 ...and so ensued the inspiration for these manly treats. I have a confession to make. I am about as girly as it gets. I knew Jake and his buddies would love a sweet treat to snack on when they came back from the casino, but cupcakes + manly, don't really fit together in the same sentence. My logic was that Black Forest...Forest...Forest = Hunting...Hunting = manly...therefore, Black Forest Cupcakes are manly...end of discussion. ;) Not to 'em with cigars? BOOM instant party favorite.

Throwing the cupcakes together was really a snap at all. First, I just made my favorite box mix, and set the cakes out to cool.

Scoop out your middles with a small tea spoon

Fill with delicious cherry pie filling

and frost! But wait...HERE is where it gets good...

Top your cupcakes with Cubero Cigarillos, (Available at Walmart!) and your party guests will be in manly, bachelor, poker playin' heavin! (Maybe i'm not quite as girly as I thought!)

What I love the MOST about the Cubero Cigarillos, is they come individually wrapped, so they're perfect to put atop these sweet bachelor treats. Serve with a few Jack Daniels mini's, and that's a poker night any mans man would want to be a part of.

Cubero Cigars have a delicious sweet aftertaste (according to Jake) so they're the perfect accompaniment to dessert. And how many guys do you know who love sittin' around the poker table with cards in one hand, and cigar in the other? Cubero Cigars are made with the best Scandinavian tobacco, and only use premium flavors to enhance your cigar smokin', poker plain' experience. :)

I am in love with these little cuties, I think in addition to making cupcakes manly, they're an awesome addition to little gift bags for your bachelor, or as a fun wedding gift for any men in your wedding party. Jake has already picked up a few extra boxes to give to his men as wedding gifts the day of. (I hope none of you are reading this!)

What did your hubsicle do for his bachelor party? Did you take any part to make it extra special? I'd love to hear!

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The best weekend of my life: Bachelorette/Shower Photo OVERLOAD!

So guys, I just had what I can literally call the best weekend of my ENTIRE LIFE! Seriously though, i've never felt so special, or had more fun. I had to weed through over 400 pictures to pick the top ones...and instead of a ton of words, i'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

It all started with a nice hair do you feel about these locks?

We stopped for mani/pedis with the bridesmaids & fam! It was the bomb. Then started the biggest shitshow of a bachelorette party. It was SO.MUCH.FUN. If you want to see those pictures, you're going to have to follow me on Instagram (Kylieh23) . For now, i'll leave you with these little gems ;)

...and the morning after ;)

Saturday was spent brunching with my amazing family, friends, and bridal party!

 Lets hop into the most special and incredible shower!

The centerpieces were all family teapots and tea cups. It was SO girly and perfect for our tea party.

The dessert table was divine! Cakepops, eclairs, cream pastries, strawberries and a chocolate fountain! It was heaven. For lunch we had cheese, crackers, assorted meats and cheeses, tea sandwiches and crudites. I ate my WEIGHT! 

Tea and mimosas and lemonade at the bar. It was to warm for hot tea, but this drink station did the job!

If detail shots are the only thing you were may want to stop here! But I just had to include some of the amazing ladies that made this day happen.

My aunt and sweet cousins who came from out of town as a surprise!
Gorgeous supermodel BFF and maid of honor, Bree.

Mama & Sissy

Aunt Jeanie, my second Grandma!


My new Mama & Grandma!

Hooters Girl Love :)

How gorgeous are my friends?!

Bridesmaids! Love them so much!

It got super awkward...

and then super emotional...

and it was the best day of my life. :) I so badly wish I took more pictures, even if there are 400. Sometimes, even as a blogger, you have to sit back and really soak in the moments, and not photograph every second. I couldn't have dreamed of a better weekend, I love you all forever, thank you for making me feel like the most special bride in the world!

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie